Learnings in the world of AWS Amplify

This is a growing collection of my learnings from building web applications with AWS Amplify

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Table of Contents

Accessing GraphQL & AppSync from Lambda

What doesn’t work

What works

Get the AppSync GraphQL URL

Allow access to the AppSync API from Lambda


AppSync with Cognito and IAM Access

The pitfall

type User @model @auth {


type User
rules: [
{ allow: owner }
{ allow: private, provider: userPools, operations: [read] }
{ allow: private, provider: iam, operations: [create, update] }
]) {…}

Calling the REST or GraphQL API from your frontend with Amplify

Strange behavior of GraphQL list queries


The Solution

type Post @key(name: “byTitle”, fields: [“titel”]) {…}

@key(name: "byGroup", fields: ["group"], queryField: "domainsByGroups")

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