I coach teams and I can tell you that founders and startups are among the biggest wasters of time and productivity. I have to teach them simple things like “focus” or “sleep when you’re tired”. It’s almost as bad (sometimes even worse) for large organizations :(. They all become so much more productive when they don’t confuse “busy hours” with “getting results” anymore!

You’re right, artists work in a different framework (or do they really?). But should that keep us from learning from them? After all, you couldn’t make Mr. King output more bestseller novels, if you made him sit in an office and write until 8pm five days a week. This taylorism is treating humans like machine … and it simply doesn’t work: Mr. King would produce FEWER bestsellers in that case.

So change the frameworks you work in for the better! All change starts with you as an individual. If your boss doesn’t get it, pull in an insanely expensive consultant like Tony or me to bring sanity back to your company ;). Be the change you want to see in the world…

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Agile Coach, Business Innovator, Software Engineer, Musician

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