How to handle feature requests from users with Intercom and Github

A hands-on process we use to get from feature requests to happy customers

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

The full process

Here is the process in short. I will describe it in more detail below.

  1. Create a user story in GitHub and link it to Intercom conversation
  2. Prioritize backlog on GitHub
  3. Implement
  4. See conversation pop back up in Intercom after closing GitHub issue => inform customer
  5. Evaluate metrics of new feature and ask customer how they use it/like
  6. Remove feature, if it doesn’t bring enough value for core customers

1. Receive requests via Intercom

  1. An idea for a feature to add value for similar customers in the future

2. Create user story and link to Intercom

3. Prioritize on Github

4. Implement

5. Inform Customer

6. Evaluate

7. Remove feature

Closing words

This little process might not be for everyone. It’s just how we do lean product development at I’d be very interested in how you handle feature requests from your users!

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