Hahaha, I had to respond to this wonderful comment right away ;).

First, I feel sorry for you that your company obviously totally misunderstood the purpose of daily scrums! Check this Udemy course for what I’m talking about! In short: daily scrums are NOT for management and they are there to REDUCE interruptions. So you obviously got it all backwards somehow.

A few tips to fix your dailies:

  • Exclude management and everyone but the development team itself from the daily scrum! This will teach them (and you) that its not about reporting status to the bosses like a 10-year old!
  • Pick the time of the daily scrum close to the beginning of your day or close to lunch. Have it at a time when most of the team members are usually interrupted anyway.
  • Stick to the damn 15min rule! Never EVER make it 16min. 2min is okay though.

If you work closely in one room with your team mates anyway, that’s awesome (some might call it agile). But to minimize interruptions for your teammates, just schedule a regular sync point once every 24 hours for your team. That way everybody can plan a focused work day and only need to be interrupted once. Don’t let the sync take too long — 15min is the max…

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