Daily Scrums often suck for the developers, because daily scrums are done totally wrong. They’re NOT status updates for the PO or SM, but rather welcomed quick syncs among developers. And the development teams who do them right, love it and benefit from it.

It’s a shame that — now that Scrum has finally became main stream — so many teams are educated in something they call “Scrum”, but which is essentially the old way with just new words for meetings. And in that respect you’re right: there are many people out there who now jump the bandwagon and “sell” something as Scrum, which has nothing to do with what Scrum is. I feel for you, if you’ve experienced such a pseudo-Scrum :(. Please try to find experienced Scrum and agile coaches, who really intend to improve team performance — I know they’re rare, but they’re there. I’ve been doing this for more than a decad, back when no one would listen or even pay me for it — I did Scrum anyway, because it worked. And Scrum done right is such a boost to productivity and motivation, that I wouldn’t skip it just because some morons tought you wrong. After all, it’s no coincidence that so many companies switched to Scrum already — it works damn well if done right.

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