Who said that meetings have to happen in a room or at a desk?

Walking might be one of your best meeting hacks (Photo by shironosov from Getty Images)

Despite the contempt many of us agile folks have for SAFe, this “Scaled Agile Framework” might still have one useful purpose.

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Why many agile people hate SAFe

Just looking at the overview image of SAFe gives many agile folks (including me) goose bumps. This complex map of process hierarchies, roles and…



There are several reasons and the behavior we encounter in the wild during an agile transition is usually a mix of…

So many companies struggle with their move to agility — why is that?

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You manage people instead of the product

This is a growing collection of my learnings from building web applications with AWS Amplify

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A hands-on process we use to get from feature requests to happy customers

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The full process

Here is the process in short. I will describe it in more detail below.

  1. Create a user story in GitHub…

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